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Criteria specific data counts, who's counting yours?,

Our business data services are so specific, you will see every prospect through the lens ahead of competitors with our, direct mailing services. As data scientists and owners of a self created consumer database containing over 27 million social and domestic enriched records, our IT and data management must be flawless. This is exactly what got the attention of UK based Charities and corporate brands that send over 500,000 pieces of information every month. These are the companies we have built reputations for over a 30 year period, in both the technology business solutions sector and the corporate construction sector. Porting this strategy to the marketing sector, mailing house service industry and big data consultancy world MSS Global have become a turnkey solutions provider for technologically driven businesses around the globe...

IT Focused Business Consultants

Legimate interest assessment? We already have defined consent, lets go!

Target geographic specific consumers, with product specific and relevant material to anchor in perfect prospect campaigns. Utilise our mailing house & our 27 million consumer database to secure CTA with ROI.

Why risk digital data in a GDPR governed world, direct mail is winning hands down

Connecting with existing consumers is crutial to keeping them in the loop, adding new business in the same spend is priceless and tips the scales in your favour over competitors strategies, profit = sanity.

Tick every box with our GDPR compliant consumer surveys & services

MSS Global have surveyed 27 million UK consumers to date, on a broad spectrum of social & domestic key areas. There are 12 key business sector surveys that tick every box to drill down on, we have your next buyer!

Education pushed for GDPR to educate us on data privacy, learn with us today

As a data consultancy partner we investigate every growth part of your business, identifying better practice where possible. This understanding of your business becomes our knowledge & your teaching.

Whislt the worlds rates for IT & Data services increase, we freeze ours!

MSS Global save clients on average 50% across outbound mail costs, SEO & IT, thus increasing your bottom line and driving sales upward on new money. Turnover being vanity / profit being sanity.

UK, Europe, Worldwide, MSS have it covered, a brand differentiator by nature

By nature of our name you will note we are a global concern, having collated data for FTSE 50 and FTSE 100 companies we are lingual across most currencies and liquid in all, call now: 0844 272 0777 to become a partner.

'Lets Talk MSS, Lets Talk IT Business Solutions...'

Web design Istra

MSS Global Consultants understand data & how to maximise retail potential

British Petroleum

GDPR opportunities are vast with MSS Global Consultants, putting us ahead of the competition daily

Valero Energy Limited

In a GDPR world MSS Global Consultants have the connection from business to consumer

Tesco PLC

With this firm we know one fact is certain, vehicle consumer data is in safe hands

Transport Agency England
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Set Sail from Safe Shores with Our Secure Services

Our consultancy aim is to take steps toward financial savings, increased profitability and a greater consumer understanding about your brand, something we have done to the highest standards for over 30 years inline with safe GDPR practices.

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